Work As a Doctor in New Zealand

New Zealand is wonderful countries in the world to live in. It’s not just a good country to live in, it’s a great place to work as well. So if you are looking for New Zealand skilled migration and want to migrate as a doctor, then you have so many opportunities there.

There is a shortage of medical doctors in New Zealand, so finding a job should be easy, provided that you qualify for registration as a medical doctor.

The very first thing is to check first is that your qualifications will be accepted for registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand, otherwise, you will not be awarded a work permit or permanent residence. Qualifications from certain countries are not accepted and for some countries qualifications from some universities are not accepted.

If you are a qualified doctor looking to work and live in New Zealand, then you are required to be registered in a scope of practice, if you want to practice there.

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The Specifications of doctors registering to work in New Zealand

Doctors and medical staff who don’t have any experience in New Zealand should get registered first under a provisional general scope. In order to practice as a doctor within a general scope, an applicant must be registered within a provisional general scope for two years. The doctor has to practice under the supervision of a new Zealand registered doctor approved by the medical council of New Zealand.

When do I apply for a visa?

If you want to for a work visa you must have:

  • Offer letter of employment
  • Eligibility and qualification approval from the Medical Council of New Zealand

Both of these documents are required to submit a work visa application to work in New Zealand as a doctor. You will receive an invitation for a registration in New Zealand once your application is approved. New Zealand medical council will call you for the interview. This will be your proof of registration as a doctor in New Zealand.

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