Working in Denmark

If you are a citizen of any of the Nordic countries or the EU/EEA, you will need to hold a residence and work permit before you can be allowed to reside and work in Denmark. Whether you will be granted a residence or work permit to migrate to Denmark from Dubai is absolutely dependent, among other things, on your qualifications. All who must obtain a visa to Denmark from Dubai must be familiar with all the Denmark visa requirements before proceeding to apply for a Denmark visa.

The rules also apply to voluntary or unpaid work.

For highly qualified personnel, a number of visa schemes have been structured under the Denmark Skilled worker visa from Dubai,  to make it very easy to make entry, get permanent residence and work permit in Denmark. Some of those schemes include:

The Positive List – This list contains professions that are currently suffering shortages of qualified manpower. If you have been offered a job in any of the professions listed on the positive list, and have completed the required education, you will find it easy to access the Danish labor market. Such don’t have to worry about how to apply for the Denmark PR, it should come easily because of the skills possessed.

The Pay Limit Scheme – This scheme allows persons who have been given a job offer with an annual pay that is above a certain pay threshold to access the Danish labor market easily.

The Fast Track Scheme – A resident permit issued under the fast-track scheme depends on the Company in Denmark, which is the employer, that is being certified by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (DAIRI). The fast-track scheme allows certified companies to quickly recruit specified types of qualified professionals.

The Start-Up Denmark Scheme – This grants entrepreneurs the opportunity to come into Denmark and start-up and operate a company.

The Establishment Card – This visa scheme gives foreign nationals who have completed a Danish Master’s degree or a Danish PhD degree or equivalent to obtain a residence permit which allows them establish in Denmark after graduation.

Trainees – Those who fall under this category are allowed to work in any Danish company for a certain period of time for training purposes only.

Special Individual Qualifications – Work permits and residence permits are often granted to those with special individual qualifications such as artists, professional athletes  and specialized chefs. Also, work permits and residence visas cab be issued to farm managers and herdsmen in agriculture and oil rig workers and experts in drillships and other moveable work stations that are located in the Danish territory.


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