Work Visas For Australia

Work Visas For Australia

Australia, a large continent and country of dreams. The country has a stable political environment and a rising economy. Australia is one compact package of everything, skiing, swimming, surfing, mountains, nightlife, world class facilities in cities like Sydney. These are enough to attract herds of people to come, earn, settle down and work in Australia. It provides a lot of opportunities at work end and its facing shortage for skilled labour so Australia migration is easier for people with specific skills.

Below is the list of Australia work visa you can choose from based on the qualification, skills you hold.

  1. Skilled visa

Australia Skilled migration visa is based on the points system. Points are granted based on various facts like health, age, qualification, work experience. You need to submit all the documents in accordance with the eligibility requisite by the immigration department if Australia.

  1. Australian working holiday visa

This type of visa is for the young blood and backpackers fond of travelling but with bank account of a pauper. One can work for a specified number of hours and sponsor their trip. Earn and enjoy is the theme for this visa.

  1. Family visa

If you have immediate family settled in Australia who are willing to sponsor you, you can file for a family visa. If they cant support you financially, then you need to prove your financial worth to fulfil expenses while you are in Australia.

  1. Tourist visa

A tourist visa allows you to visit and stay in the country for 3 months. It can be applied for online. It only intends for a holiday and you cannot work.

  1. Business visa

You can apply for a business visa if you intend to visit Australia for business opportunity or a corporate affair. To start a business in Australia, you can apply for an investment visa. You need to gather knowledge about the process and other details for the respective permits and Visa before applying.