Work in Canada Without a Work Permit

Work in Canada Without a Work Permit

Every year, more and more skilled international individuals are working in Canada without the need to obtain for a Work Permit. There are more than 100 thousand Work Permits that are temporary which are issued yearly to thousands of individuals to work in Canada. Explore who can and who cannot work without permits in Canada.

This article will enumerate all the individuals who can work in Canada without obtaining the Canadian Work Permit but this is still subject to individuals criminal records, medical conditions and the activities that will be done in Canada.

  1. Volunteers
  2. Business Visitors
  3. Buyers
  4. Trainees or Trainers
  5. Sellers
  6. Military Personnel
  7. Government Exchanges
  8. Full time university and college students
  9. Athletes and Coaches
  10. Performing Artists
  11. News Reporters and Crews
  12. Public Speakers
  13. Convention Organizers and Staff
  14. Clergy
  15. Judges and Referees
  16. Examiners
  17. Expert Witnesses
  18. Medical Students
  19. Aviation Staff
  20. Foreign Owned Transportation Companies
  21. Emergency Providers
  22. Business Visitor NAFTA
  23. Free Trade Agreement Canada and Chile
  24. GATS or General Agreement on Trade in Services


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