Canada Work Permits From Dubai

Work In Canada With A Work Permit

To be able to apply for Canadian Work Permit, you must have a Job Offer from a Canadian employer.

What are the Benefits of Having a Canadian Work Permit

​Once you are granted a Canadian Work permit,you will be able to live and work in Canada with your family. You can also stay there for up to 3 years with your family. Your family members can acquire a job when in Canada and study as well and during your stay in Canada, if you are eligible, you can also apply for a Canadian Permanent Residency and then later on Canadian Citizenship as well as your family.

What are the requirements for Canada Work Permit

You will be needing to get an Offer Letter for a job from a Canadian company.
You will need to have LMO or the Labour Market Opinion from employers from the Human Resources Dept of Canada.

You may or may not take the IELTS or the English proficiency examination. It depends on the score you need and it is also part of the assessment. You will be advised if you need to take it or no.


Once you have provided all the necessary documents needed for the Canadian Work Permit, we will then process the rest of the application. You can sit and relax while we do the things needed for your application. Take the Free Visa Assessment today and check if you qualify for a Canada Work Permit Today. Migrate in Canada in simple steps with Permits and Visas.