Work and Study in Canada

Work and Study in Canada From UAE

Every year, lots and lots of students choose to study & work in Canada on Canada Visa but most of them study in Canada through Canadian Student Visa from UAE. While you study in Canada, you can also apply for a part-time job which you can do in your spare time at night just to earn a few extra bucks. Doing a job while studying is not easy but it will reward you experience which is valuable in your life. Many of the international students studying in Canada on Permits and Visas love it there and try to make it their permanent residence.

Many universities in Canada also encourage students to get jobs.

Why Study & Work in Canada

  1. Education is affordable.
  2. The campus life is exciting.
  3. Full of opportunities and possibilities.
  4. Multicultural society.
  5. There are so many globally recognized qualifications in Canada.
  6. You can create new and important contacts which might be useful in the future.
  7. Helpful in adding references to your resume.
  8. Earning extra money to support yourself financially.

How to study & work in Canada

There are 3 ways to work while studying in Canada

  1. Work on campus 

If you are a full-time student and you do not have a permit, then you can work as a Library Assistant.

You can also be a waiter at any local coffee shop.

  1. Work off campus 

If you have a study permit and you are a full-time student, you can work up to 20 hours a week, but you have to work full-time during holidays. You can work as a waiter, tutor, nanny or barista.

  1. Work as an Intern 

It will help you gain experience and meet influential people in your respective field. You have to apply for Canadian Work Permit as well as a study permit. You also have to obtain a certified letter from an academic official of the institution. However, if you have a French or English language as a second language, you will not be eligible. Also, participating in preparatory courses would make you non-eligible for working as an intern.

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Stay in Canada after graduation.

After consulting Immigration Consultants, you can work & stay in Canada if you want to. You would need a Post-Graduation Work Permit which allows you to gain valuable Canadian work experience. It issued for a length of up to 3 years. Or you can apply for the Canadian Experience Class Visa which is open to candidates that are familiar with Canadian society and can contribute to the Canadian economy.

Help your spouse or your partner find a job while you study.

If you brought your spouse along with you on this journey, he/she can also work in Canada. To qualify, you must be a full-time student with a valid study permit. Your partner will have access to an open work permit which they don’t need a job offer to move to Canada. They can work as long as your course is running.

This way you can fulfill your dream to study & work in Canada. So start today and apply for a visa now.
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