CANADA Federal Skilled Migrant Visa

Who Can Apply for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa

The Government of Canada has announced its goal about the Permanent Resident visa issuance and it mentioned to record more than 160 thousand economic immigrants this 2016 through different immigration programs. The Federal Skilled Worker Program is one of the most popular among the other immigration programs of Canada. Once you have granted a Permanent Resident Visa through the Federal Skilled Worker program, you and your family can start a better life in Canada and stay in the country for long term. Also, once you have granted a PR Visa, you can apply for Canadian Citizenship in the future.

There are changes made in the Canada Work Visa programs to better select the right skilled worker who is able to meet the current economic needs of Canada. Assessment will be based on your language proficiency, your education, your experiences and your skills. The application successfully selected for Federal Skilled Workers Program will have the opportunity to search for Canadian jobs efficiently. This will fast track the application process for both the applicant and the employer.

 The Federal Skilled Workers Program is one of the points based system programs of the Canadian immigration. It is specially designed to grant a permanent resident visa to a number of qualified Skilled Foreign Workers who are able to meet the certain criteria requirement. Points are essential for the success of your application. See below for some of the factors which determines your score:

  1. You must be English/French language proficient – this will give you 28 points
  2. Your educational attainment –  can give you 25 points
  3. Your work experiences – can give you 15 points
  4. Your age – can give you 12 points
  5. Your Canadian job offer – can give you additional 10 points
  6. Your adaptability – can give you total of 10 additional points

Basically, you just need to score at least 67 and maximum points of 100 to qualify.


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