Canadian permanent residence visa

Applicants must know that Canadian Permanent Resident requirements are changing from time to time. If you are interested in applying for a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa, you have to know the following information.

  1. How long does it take to get a Permanent Residence Visa processed?

    • It will depend on your EOI or your Expression of Interest. In the assumption that you are selected within the first 6 months of lodging, then as an estimate, it could take a further 9 months until your visa is stamped on your passport. Again this will depend somewhat on other external factors such as your swiftness in obtaining police clearance, medical reports etc.
  2. When will I get to become a Canadian citizen?

    • A right to citizenship is normally granted after 3 years of legal residence (under PR) in Canada.
  3. Can I keep my existing Passport/Nationality?

    • This depends on the nationality laws and rules of your existing country and will vary from country to country. It is best to check with your home immigration department for an answer to this.
  4. Can my dependents travel with me?

    • Yes, dependents can be including in your application, dependents include those children under 21 and your spouse/civil partner.
  5. Is applying for Permanent Residency Expensive?

    • For the vast majority, the answer is No, typically government fees have historically been quite low for Canada Migration
  6. Once I am granted PR, what if I don’t travel, what would happen?

    • Initially, you are granted PR which is valid for a period of 3 years, you would be expected to travel to Canada and take up permanent residency in the first year. This would preserve your right to citizenship providing you maintain the residence.
  7. If I apply for Permanent Residency, am I given a job and accommodation?

    • The answer is no, the Permanent Residency is solely a visa program allowing you and your family to migrate to Canada and settle there. Although you are given help by institutions in searching for employment and finding accommodation, however you would normally need to make your own arrangements.
  8. What is the Express Entry Program?

    • This is the Canadian governments Permanent Migration Program, whereby aspiring overseas professionals (skilled workers and trades professionals) can seek to migrate to Canada with their families, based on their age, educational level, work experience and language skills. It offers a fast track path to citizenship.
  9. Can I travel in and out of Canada once I am there?

    • Yes absolutely, the PR visa is multiple entries.
  10. Are there any restrictions for what I am allowed to do once in Canada?

    • Essentially no, you are free to work in any legal job or even become self employed. This visa also allows you to settle in any part of Canada.

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