USA B1 - B2 Visa

What is USA B1 and B2 Visa

USA is a  young country with ample resources and huge land area which was once considered as the land of opportunities and it still maintains that status. If a vacation is on your mind or you dream of owning a business in the United States, then you can apply for either of the two visas:

  • Visiting the USA for business (B1)
  • Visiting the USA (B2)

Temporary business visa B1 is for individuals intending to start their own business or work with a partner in the powerful country.

Temporary visitor visa B2 is for those who want to visit US for Pleasure, also known as Tourist visa. The B1 Visa excludes visitors under skilled or unskilled labor. However, exceptions are made to business visitors provided they qualify for one of the categories allowed by immigration department.

Benefits of this Visa are:

  • ​You can travel anywhere within the U.S.
  • ​You are allowed to Visit family or friends in US
  • ​You can participate in activities of a fraternal, social or service nature
  • ​You need a medical treatment

With the type of visa you may be granted you can stay in the United States for a period of 3-6 months. Visa might be granted anywhere between 1 to 10 years and it can be either single entry or multiple entry. An appointment needs to be booked for visa interview and applicant has to be present personally. Permits And Visas will take care of the booking process involving fee submission and documentation which varies from person to person. We will provide you some preparation tips to face the immigration officers as you may get nervous by the feel and process at the embassy.

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