What is The Danish Green Card Scheme

What is The Danish Green Card Scheme

The Denmark Greencard scheme allows foreign nationals to live and work in Denmark if you they can manage to score enough points. These points are based on criteria such as age, language skills, education and work experience. Every applicant who apply for Denmark visa and score at least 100 points are eligible for residence permit for up to 18 months. Such can bring along their immediate family into Denmark during stay.

Apart from score 100 points, applicants are expected to have a solid health insurance policy in place and should be able to provide proof that they can take care of themselves and their family while they are scouting for jobs in Denmark.

The Danish Green Card Points Based System

Under the Danish Greencard scheme, points are accrued by applicants in 5 areas which include Education, Language Skills, Adaptability, Age and Work Experience. There are also bonus points which can be scored to add to the main points.

  • Education

In order to have the required points in Education while submitting a Denmark visa application from Dubai, the applicant must have the Danish equivalent of a bachelor’s degree. All academic credentials will be assessed by CIRIUS. CIRIUS is a subsidiary of the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Bonus points can be added for applicants who obtain their degrees from top schools or by already securing a job which is listed on the Positive List, apart from the points scored for being a degree holder. Once all points are added, the applicant is expected to have a maximum of 105 to be qualified under the Education category. It is absolutely possible to have all points required for permanent residence permit simply by having enough points in Education.

  • Language Skills

All applicants are required to score certain minimum in language skills to be eligible for Denmark permanent resident visa from Dubai. The maximum number of points possible is 30 points and these includes points from Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German languages. An applicant can earn points from one Scandinavia and either English or German but not for English and German or two or more Scandinavian languages.

You will be needed to present a proof that you have passed the Danish Language Test Level 1. An alternative to this is to have your employer provide a statement proving that you used Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German languages while performing your job for at least 1 year or by submitting a proof of study of up to 1 year in a higher education school where any of these languages were taught.

  • Work Experience

In order to migrate to Denmark from Dubai, you will need to provide proof of relevant work experience. Maximum number of points in this area is 15 points. These points will come from the number of years you have worked as a researcher or the number of years you have worked in any of the jobs listed in the Shortage List in Denmark. Where this doesn’t apply, applicants can still earn points for experience accrued from other occupations.

  • Adaptability

One of the Denmark visa requirements in order to obtain a visa to Denmark from Dubai is adaptability. The applicant must be able to prove that they can adapt. Those who have studied or worked in the EU or EEA can get up to 15 points in this area. You can only claim points from either education or work experience and not both.

  • Age

Age matters to a large extent. There is a maximum of 15 points to be scored in the area of age Those who are between 35 and 40 years have 10 points while those who are 34 years or younger get 15 points.

  • Family Members

Those who are successful and have obtained a permanent residence permit have the opportunity to bring their spouse and children who are also automatically qualified for permanent residence permit. Note that these children must be under 18 years of age. Your spouse is free to work full time throughout the period of residence in Denmark.

  • Financial Requirements

All of the above are important when thinking of how to apply for Denmark PR. However, in addition to that, there are financial requirements which must be met.


You must submit a proof that you can take care of yourself throughout the period you are still looking for a job. You are allowed to bring a recent bank statement in your name which states clearly that you have enough funds to cater for you and your dependents. You are welcome to consult with our best Denmark Immigration consultants in Dubai on how much is required exactly presently. Not only will we answer all your questions concerning the Denmark Green Card scheme, we will also do an assessment of your application to ensure you have all the points required for a successful application.