What is Canada Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System

The Express Entry system was designed to handle the increasing influx of Canada visa application from UAE and other parts of the World. The Express Entry Canada immigration service uses what is known as the Comprehensive Ranking System to conduct an evaluation of the profile of the applicants in order to know is most qualifying.

The CRS system ranks eligible candidates for Canadian immigration via the express entry using the following factors:

  • Core human capital factors;
  • Common-law or accompanying spouse factors
  • Skill transferability factors; and
  • Qualifying job offer or factors relating to provincial or territorial nomination

It should be noted that the Canadian Government has made it clear that there will be changes to the CRS system for 2017. This means the total points required for qualification can be reduced or increased as the Canada government deems fit.

There are a total of possible 1200 points an applicant can have in the ranking system.

  • There is a maximum of 500 points for core human capital factors
  • A maximum of 100 points for skill transferability factors; and
  • 600 maximum points for qualifying job offer or factors relating to provincial or territorial nomination

For candidates who are bringing in their spouse or common-law partner, there are:

  • 460 points maximum for core human capital factors for the principal applicant
  • 40 points maximum for core human capital factors for the spouse or common-law partner
  • 100 points maximum for skill transferability; and
  • 600 points maximum for qualifying job offer or provincial/territorial nomination


So how eligible you are which will be determined by the Comprehensive Ranking System using the factors listed above has to do with much more than your skills. This is why you need us at Permits and Visas. We will conduct a Canada immigration evaluation online on your profile. You do not really need to leave your location to get this done. Please make sure you provide true information so that our free assessment test for Canada immigration of your profile can give the accurate representation of how your CRS scores will look eventually in the Express Entry system. This will help us know whether you should go ahead or look for other visa options. Many end up wasting the visa fees at the Canada consulate in Dubai because they did not check their eligibility first.

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