Benefits of Canada Citizenship

What are the Benefits of Canada Citizenship

Being a permanent resident in Canada is cool enough as you will have access to almost the same resources as Canadian Citizens. However, it is even cooler to become a Citizen because that means absolutely no restriction. You have access to government funded schools, healthcare and you can take access Canada job vacancies and takes jobs in Canada or live anywhere you want without restrictions.

Just to celebrate Canadian Citizenship, we will like to share some of the benefits of moving from a Permanent Resident to a bonafide Canadian citizen.

  1. You can vote

As a Permanent Resident, you may not be allowed to vote but as a citizen, you are. Since Canada operates a parliamentary democracy, all Canadian citizens older than 18 are eligible to cast their vote for a Prime Minister in Canada. Apart from federal elections, you are also free to vote in provincial and municipal elections within Canada. Being eligible to vote means you have the power to choose who runs your town, territory or province and your country. This is a major benefit of being a citizen.

  1. You Can run for Office

While being able to vote is cool, it is even cooler to be able to run for office if you want! You can run for either municipal, provincial or federal elections and no one will challenge you. There are many parties in Canada that you can hook up with or you can even run solo if you have the resources, no one is going to stop you.

  1. You Can Freely Travel

It’s cool to be able to travel anywhere you want right? You won’t need visas to Canada when you are returning because you are now a citizen. Unlike when you are a PR card holder. You will only need to renew your passport once in 5-10 years. Not only will you be able to enter Canada without a visa, you can travel to a couple of countries in the world without a visa, your Canadian passport takes care of that.

  1. Your Kids automatically become Canadians

As a Canadian citizen, your children, whether they are born in Canada or elsewhere, automatically become Canadians. This means that they won’t have to go through same process you did when applying, your application covers them. Please note that kids that were born outside Canada prior to your becoming a Citizen will not automatically become citizens, you will have to sponsor them first.

  1. You can live anywhere

As a Canadian citizen, Canada immigration places no restriction whatsoever on your decision of where to stay in the world. You can live anywhere you like for as long as you like without worrying about losing your citizenship. This is unlike Permanent Residents who have restrictions. The only privilege you lose as a Citizen who stays away for more than 5 years is your privilege to vote in the federal elections.


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