USA Work Visa

US Work Permits and Visas is one of the easiest way of migrating into the United States apart from Spousal Visas. The United States of America does not have any particular program in place with which they can select skilled workers. Rather, what the US government is doing is creating several other programs that will be attractive to skilled workers. This attraction is what draws them into the country. Some of those programs is the H1B and L1A programs. Both programs require that a US based employer sponsor the immigrant.

The USA work visa is designed for people with skills and professional experience which can bring some good to the US economy. Before this visa can be issued out to the immigrant, he or she must have satisfied all USA visa requirements and must have properly filled out the USA visa application form and presented all required documents. Such documents must include

  • Proof of sponsorship from a US based company
  • A valid international passport
  • Proof of adequate funds to take care of your initial needs in the US

Once the US Work Permit is issued, the holder can live and work in the US as well as bring in dependents into the US. This visa, over time, leads to permanent residence or Citizenship in the US.

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The L1 A allows employees who are seniors of an overseas company to work in the US for a US based branch office of their overseas company.

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