USA B1 B2 Visit Visa

The United States B1/B2 USA Visa grants access to all citizens of foreign nationals to enter into the United States of America for business or pleasure. This is the kind of visa for all who needs to hook up with their friends and loved ones and those who want to do some quick business within US.

There are no restrictions to which nationals should apply, everyone is welcome as long as you do not have criminal records against your name. There are applicable restrictions to the privileges of the visa holder while in the US. The holder may not apply for or take any job while in US. That will require a valid USA work visa.

The B1/B2 visit visa processing time is actually very fast and could be granted within days under normal circumstances. However the processing times differs from country to country.

Along with your USA visa application form, you will need to also provide some documents which form part of the USA visa requirements for the B1/B2 Visa. You should please talk to the consulate about the requirements for you and your family and you are also welcome to talk to us if you are confused in any way. All permits and visas are granted based on believe that the applicant is providing genuine information. If the consulate in any way feels your application or the documents supplied are not genuine, your visa will be denied.

If you need a USA visa from Dubai, we are your best option as we have years of experience in helping clients’ secure valid permits and visas to the US.

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