USA B1 Business Visa

If you have a business to do in the US, you may need to do some consultations with business partners or even a survey of US to see the possibilities of starting a business there. The B1 Business USA Visa offers the opportunity to people travel to US to gain entry for the purposes of business into the US. This is a non-immigrant visa and the holder is expected to return to their home country once the purpose of entry is accomplished or once the tenure on the visa expires.

If you need this visa, you can pick up the USA visa application up at the embassy or download online. There are USA visa requirements that apply to Business Visa and they include:

  • Evidence of solid ties to the home country – Someone who is married and has a good job will be considered to have solid ties to the home country that someone who is not married and does not have a job.
  • A letter of intention to leave the US at the end visa tenure
  • Proof of enough funds to take care of expenses in the US
  • Proof that you actually have a business related reason that requires your presence in the US

Please note that the B1 Business visa has work restrictions. If you intend to do any work, it is better you pursue a valid USA work visa.

All permits and visas are issued based on the decision of the consulate and the decisions are final and binding. However, we can help increase your chances of getting your visa by running a visa assessment on your application. If you are in Dubai, you can give a call if you need a B1 Business USA visa from Dubai.

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