USA Visit Visa

Most 1st world countries, like the US, understand the importance of visitors. Most of these countries have been able to become great because citizens of other countries gave some input, in some way. As long as the visitor is not coming in to do havoc to the citizens, the US appreciates their presence and has made different kinds of visas available to help such visitors come into US easily.

Visitors are welcome to submit a USA Visa B1 or B2. The B1/B2 visa is granted to business people, professionals, investors, and people visiting family and friends for a short period of time in the US. The validity of the B1/B2 visa is usually 6 months within which period the holder is free to exit and come into the US at will.

Your USA visa application forms must be submitted with all USA Visa requirements. The basic requirement for visit visa, apart from all documentation is proof of funds that you are able to take care of yourself while in the US. Without proof of funds, visas may not be granted.

Dubai citizens who need a USA visa from Dubai can apply through us. We provide free visa assessment which shows you how well you qualify for the permits and visa you are applying for. Your chances are higher after an assessment because you will be able to correct any error that may be in your application before you submit them at the consulate.

The US visit visa is available for citizens of all foreign nationals who have no prior bad records in the US database. Apply for USA visa today with Permits and Visas USA team of Immigration Experts.

The USA B1/B2 Visa is one of the most common USA visa for traveling and visiting USA for up to 6 months.

B1 Business Visa is a type of visitor visa. This visa is a non- immigrant visa for people who wants to enter the USA temporarily for business purposes.

B2 Tourist Visa is the visa for non immigrants who wants to travel and enter USA for tourism purposes.

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I am extremely thankful for all the help provided by Permits and Visas during the my USA Visa application process. Their experience and knowledge of the entire process is amazing. From the free Visa Assessment test they knew how to start processing my application and how to conclude it successfully.


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