USA M1 Non Academic Student Visa

While the F1 Academic visa is designed specifically for people who are pursuing an academic goal, the M1 Non Academic Student visa is for those who are pursuing an education that is not academic based. For instance, someone who wants to travel to the US to learn how to be a professional ballet dancer will not need an F1 visa but an M1 visa. In very direct terms, the M1 USA visa is for those who are pursuing vocational studies in an attested non-academic institution in the US.

For those who qualify in this category, you will need a USA visa application filled properly. There are USA visa requirements that apply here as well and such requirements should be considered very important. As a matter of fact, without meeting all, your visa application will not be received or processed. The following documents form part of the requirements for an M1 Visa:

  • An I-20 document issued by a non-academic US institution or school which is not a polytechnic
  • Proof that your studies in the United States are a natural progression of educational advancement
  • Proof of sponsorship, scholarships or funds

Permits and visas will not be issued if any of the required document is not included with the application forms.

All successful applicants are given a visa to enter into the US and pursue their vocation. This visa will only be valid for the duration of the course of study. This is not equivalent of a USA work visa. If you intend to work in the US, you will need a work visa which you have to apply for.

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