USA Student Visa

One of the best places to study in the world is the US. There we have the likes of Harvard University and the worldwide acclaimed MIT which has produced some of the best scientists, technologists and even entrepreneurs. It is definitely a great privilege to work through the same halls that top inventors and celebrities have walked through. If you are planning to go to US to study, then you couldn’t have made a better option. All you need is a study visa.

There are all kinds of USA visa but for every purpose, there is a visa. There is the USA work visa for those who got a job in the US and would love to work legally, the Study permit which allows the foreign student to study within the US for the stipulated duration for the course of study, etc.

The process of application involves picking up a USA visa application first. These forms are to be filled carefully to avoid errors. Also, the visa application must be submitted with all the stated USA visa requirements. For Study visas, you will need the following:

  • A form I-20 which is the same thing as proof of admission from the institution that gave you admission
  • Proof of sponsorship of funding while you are studying
  • A valid international passport

As long as all documentation is correct, the study visa will be issued. The visa includes the following privileges

  • Eligibility to study in the US for up to 3 years. An extension can be requested if course of study extends beyond this duration
  • Eligibility to work part time
  • Eligibility to travel anywhere within US

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