USA Investor Visa

USA Investor Visa is one of the most famous ways to migrate to the USA aside from the Spouse Visa. This Visa has no independent skilled migrant program that is why this visa attracts many investors to migrate to the USA under E2 and EB5.

The USA Investor Visa is for people who are in business and has experience in managing a business. This means that the applicant must have enough resources and financial capital to be able to invest and purchase any existing or new investments which are more than 50% of the ownership.

This Investor Visa will also allow the applicant to live and stay in the USA and this visa is based on your financial capabilities and your business plan. You can also be granted to bring your family with you and this may also lead you to have a USA citizenship in the future.


If you are not sure how to apply for a USA Investor Visa, call Permits and Visas USA immigration experts and let us help you with your application.

The E2 visa allows investors and entrepreneurs to either invest in or open a small business in the US. It might involve investing in an existing company or even setting up a new company with minimum capital in the US. great news is that it may lead to permanent residency.

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