USA K3 Spouse Fiance Visa

This USA k3 Spouse Fiance Visa is for spouse and fiance of a USA citizen or a resident visa holder of USA who are wanting to apply for a visa to migrate to the USA. Permits and Visas will be here to help you from the initial process of your application to the interview stage of your application.

What are the Benefits of USA K3 Spouse Fiance

  • You will be eligible for a Green Card and a US Passport
  • You can sponsor your dependents to come to USA
  • You can live and work in the country
  • You can get your Green Card within 3 weeks from the date of your arrival
  • You can also own a property in the USA
  • You can also enrol from one of the universities in the USA


Permits and Visas will help you get your Green Card and a USA passport through USA K3 Spouse and Fiance Visa. We have expertise in USA visas and years of providing excellent services to our clients around the world. Call our Immigration Consultants today. We will help you with your USA Visa Application.


Customer Testimonial

Friends, If you looking for sincere and professional adviser for your visa application. I would highly recommend Permits and Visas team they guided me through USA complicated immigration process and today i have USA visa .
Haider Khan Kuwait


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