USA Family Visa

USA Family Visa

USA Family Visa is for family – children, parents, spouse, and other family relatives who are wanting to migrate to USA and become one of the US Citizens or Permanent Resident in the US. Permits and Visas has Visa Consultants who are experts and professional when it comes to USA immigration and applications. They will advice you on how will you qualify for a visa.

The Remaining Relative Visa is for individuals who wants to join their brothers and sisters or parents and join them in residing in the USA. These relatives are the only near relative of the applicant.

Spend time with your family and start migrating to the USA. Work and live in the United State of America.

What are the Benefits of Family Visa USA

    • You will be eligible to apply for a Green Card and have a USA Passport
    • You will be able to sponsor dependents
    • You will be able to live and work anywhere in the USA
    • You can get your Green Card Visa in 28 days from your arrival
    • You can also purchase a property in the USA
    • You can enrol in a university and study in the USA on a Spouse Visa

USA Spouse Fiance K3 Visa will allow the USA citizens and Permanent Residents of USA to sponsor their wives and husbands or partners and migrate to USA with them.

The fiancé(e) K-1, this Visa is for non-immigrants who have foreign-citizen fiance and is a USA citizen. This will allow the fiance to travel to USA and live with the fiance.


Customer Testimonial

My Husband decided to use the Permits and Visas for the USA migration process based on other customers reviews feedback. and now we received Visa we can happily say they are all genuine. Thanks Adam
Raje Malin


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