UK Tier 2 General Visa

If you are planning to migrate to UK and start working there, the UK Tier 2 General visa is the type of UK Visa designed especially for people like you. For you to however be able to get this visa, you must have a sponsoring company. A sponsoring company is the company that is employing your services or skills in the UK.

The Tier 2 UK visa application gives every successful applicant the opportunity to work in the sponsoring company for up to 3 years. The standard UK Visa requirement for this visa includes the following:

  • An offer letter from the UK employer
  • A certificate of sponsorship from the UK employer
  • An appropriate salary. This depends on the profession or occupation
  • A proof of English language proficiency
  • 900GBP in savings. These funds are required to show that the applicant can support his or herself while in the UK. These funds must have been in the bank for at least 3 months before the UK visa application is filed.

Upon successful application, the visa holder can live and work in the UK, apply for extension after the duration of visa expires, apply for permanent residence permit and get access to free medical services.

The Tier 2 General visa is one of the visas with which foreign nationals migrate into the UK. Wherever you are from, there is a visa for you. Those who are investors and are planning to expand their business into the UK can also apply for the UK Investor visa. This visa allows you to bring your business into the UK freely and it leads to permanent residence too. Talk to our immigration experts for UK Visas today.

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