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The UK Tourist visa is designed for tourists, people who want to come and feel the beauty of the United Kingdom. The visa however is not limited to tourists, citizens of foreign nationals who want to visit for business or solely to visit family members can also come into UK via the UK Tourist visa.

The UK visa application, once successful, gives the applicant 6 months multiple entry at a time. Application can be submitted for extension. For those who visit more often, extension can be granted for up to 10 years.

The UK Visa requirements for tourist visa is basically proof of enough money to take care of needs while in the UK. Also the applicant must be able to prove that after each visit period, he or she will return to the home country without defaulting. Those who default in this regard may forfeit the possibility of applying for extension and their visa may never be granted again to the UK. If your intention is to migrate to UK but you want to enter first through the tourist visa, then you need to make some other smart moves while you in the UK. You can talk to our team of professionals on this regard. We have experience and track record in helping applicants migrate to UK successfully. We will provide a professional assessment of your application and make sure you stand higher chances of getting a UK visa. We are also specialists in helping applicants’ secure UK Investor visa.

United Kingdom Visit Visa allows you and your family and friends to visit UK either for business, pleasure or bond with your family members. Apply with PERMITS and VISAS

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