UK Visit Visa

This UK Visa is for individuals who wants to travel to UK for business or for touring purposes or to visit family and friends in the UK. This is valid for multiple entry and and is valid up to 6 months. You may extend the validity up to 10 years if you have a close family ties living in the UK.

Any nationality can apply for a UK Visit Visa and when you are granted a UK visa passport, getting visas for other countries will be easier for you.

You will be granted a multiple entry visa which is valid for 6 months or more, your dependents can apply for a UK Visit Visa as well with the applicant, processing time is just up to 30 days, you can visit and stay in the UK for temporary bases and can explore London and all around the country.


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  • United Kingdom Visit Visa will allow you to travel to UK for the purpose of touring, business, or to visit family members and friends.

    Schengen Visa is a Visa Requirement for the rest of the European Union countries for business, tourism and vacation purposes.

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    UK Visa FAQs

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