UK Investor Visa

The UK Investor Visa was designed to make movement into the United Kingdom easy for foreign nationals who are visiting for business purposes. For you to be qualified for this UK Visa, you must either be representative of your company or you must be the owner of a company that already is or one that you are about to establish in the UK.

For all applicants, the standard UK Visa requirement is a track record or history of successful business conducted in the home country or anywhere in the world or an investment activity which can be proven with the appropriate documents. Anyone with the above can submit a UK Visa application for the investor visa.

With the investor visa, an applicant is basically given 10 years multiple entry in and out of the UK. Over time, if the visa holder decides to make UK a home, such can apply for permanent residence. This visa is therefore one way a foreign national can migrate to UK. The visa also allows the holder to go for meetings, medical treatments, conferences and seminars and training sessions. This does not include a UK work visa and as such, the applicant may not work with this visa. If there is need to work, another application will have to submitted or a request for upgrade of the permissions of the visa.

The applicant will need to keep handy all documents that may be requested. Not having the required documents can cause delays in obtaining an investor visa.

United Kingdom Tier 1 Entrepreneur Investor Visa will allow you to migrate toUK.

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