UK Fiance or Spouse Visa

If you have a spouse in the UK that is a citizen, you are eligible to apply for the UK Fiancée Spouse Visa which also gives you the opportunity to migrate to UK and settle down with your spouse or fiancée. The standard UK Visa requirements for Fiancée or Spouse visa applies and it requires that the applicant provide proof that the relationship with the UK citizen is genuine and still in existence. Also, the UK Citizen who is your spouse must also be financial stable and capable of sponsoring your migration from your home country to the UK.

After a successful UK Visa application and visa has been granted, the visa holder is eligible to:

  • Work and live in the UK with the UK Visa
  • Move in and out of the UK with the residence permit granted. It has an initial of 2 ½ years initially.
  • To sponsor children and/or dependents in the UK
  • Free Education for children
  • Free access to medical care in the UK
  • Apply for permanent residence after 6 years of stay in Britain.

The Fiancée or Spouse visa differs from the UK investor visa because funds will not be required from the applicant. The applicant is being essentially sponsored by the spouse or fiancée. This is why the spouse or fiancée is required to have a good financial standing, else the visa will not be granted.

You are welcome to do an assessment of your application with Permits and Visas. Experience has shown that people who carry out an assessment of their application often get their visa with no issues than people who don’t.

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