UK Family Visa

UK is most popular for its fantastic heritage  and cultural diversity as well as the prosperity of its economy that is why millions of migrants and travelers are seeking to tour and work and live in the UK for a better life with their familes.

If you would like to apply for a UK Family Visa, Permits and Visas can definitely help you in your UK Visa Application. This type of UK Visa is under sponsorship and your family must be qualified to sponsor a family member outside the UK. Family relatives are husband, wife, fiance, children who are adults or parents.

The requirements are basically will require you to show that you have a qualified family living in the UK and with financial and emotional dependency. The UK offers a lot of opportunities for you and your family as well with its number of benefits in medical and health care, education and Citizenship within 3 years. UK is still the world’s most popular destinations for tourists and international migrants.


Permits and Visas best practices and approaches will make sure we check your application in details and confirm before you become our client that you meet all the qualifying criteria and Immigration requirements.

Fiance Spouse Visa – UK

This type of UK Visa which is the UK Spouse Visa is for the married couple, husband, wife or fiance. The UK residents and UK citizens can sponsor their family member to migrate to UK from anywhere in the world.

Customer Testimonial

"Many thanks to you for all your help and advise in helping me get my Skilled Migrant Visa. I'm absolutley delighted! My intention is to head down to Brisbane this year and I'm really looking forward to it. I have no hesitation recommending PermitsandVisas to anybody and a friend has already taken my advise and is applying for his visa with yourselves."
Farhan Khan UAE

UK Visa FAQs

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