UK Tier 1 Investor Visa

UK Tier 1 Investor Visa

Do you run a big corporation? Are you a business owner or in the top managerial levels of your company? Whether you are the owner of a business or a business development manager, you are free to bring your business into the UK. All it requires is the UK Tier 1 Investor visa which gives you freedom and eligibility to startup and run your business in the United Kingdom.

Like many other types of UK Visa, the Tier 1 UK Investor visa allows successful applicants to migrate to UK. Initially, a couple of months will be given on the visa with multiple entry. However, extension can always be applied for and as the business in UK proceeds, you are qualified for more time. If you successful stay in UK without bad records on your file for 6 years, you can apply for permanent residence in the UK.

With this UK Visa you get up to 10 years multiple entry visa that allows you to:

  • Visit family and friends anywhere in the UK
  • Attend conferences, seminars and training sessions
  • Conduct business and client meetings
  • Go for medical check ups

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