Canada has been welcoming newcomers like never before. Not only is it a great country for highly skilled migrants or students to move to, but it is also one of the most developed countries in the world with a very stable economy. There are many provinces in Canada in which you can work, study or live.

Here are the top Canadian provinces to immigrate in 2018 :


To support Alberta’s economic growth, Alberta Provincial Nominee (AINP) is created by attracting work-ready immigrants to the province. Alberta is located in the western corner of Canada. It is famous for its scenic landscapes as well as its openness to immigrants. Calgary, Alberta, is one of the largest cities in Canada. That the cost of living is somewhat higher in Alberta than other provinces. Engineers, managers or oil rig workers are working in Alberta’s oil industry large salaries can expect.

British Columbia

British Columbia Province in Canada nestles in Pacific coast. It has many beaches. It expedite the Permanent Resident application process for experienced persons, skilled workers and their family members who wish to settle in British Columbia permanently. It gives to nominees an opportunity to apply for Permanent Resident status through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) under the fast-tracked Provincial Nominee stream.


Manitoba is located between Saskatchewan and Ontario. The unemployment rate is low in this province. That the cost of living is is lower than other provinces in Canada. The business opportunities here are immense and the economy is stable, with better job opportunities. You can save more money in Manitoba and enjoy an excellent quality of life.


Ontario is the number one destination for newcomers in Canada. Toronto, Ontario is the largest city in Canada. It is also one of the most expensive places to live in the country. Ontario has many different industries, including finance, tourism, manufacturing, and arts and sciences.

Canada Province operates its own Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). If you are eligible for one of these programs, you can apply for a nomination. If successful, you can then usually apply directly for permanent residence (PR) from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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