Top Canada Destinations for New Immigrants

Top Canada Destinations for New Immigrants

Here are MoneySense’s rating for the best destinations in Canada for new immigrants this 2016. There are several Canada destination which are crowded ones. The ranking focused on the employment rates and immigrant population in Canada.

Ottawa made it to the first place in the list of best destinations for Canada immigrants this 2016.

  1. Guelph, Ontario
    It has unemployment rate pf 4.8% estimate and gas 17% immigrant population this year.
  2. St. Albert, Alberta
    This Botanical Arts City of Canada has an estimated 5.1% unemployment rate and 9% estimated immigrant population currently.
  3. Regina, Saskatchewan
    This is the capital of Saskatchewan and has 5.2% estimated unemployment rate and a 12% population of immigrants.
  4. Burlington, Ontario
    This is located near Toronto and has 4.9% of unemployment estimated rate and an 18% of immigrants population.
  5. Saanich, British Columbia
    This “Emerging Land” of British Columbia has 5.2% of unemployment rate and a 17% of immigrant population at the moment.
  6. Delta, British Columbia
    Delta has an umemployment rate ot 4.9% and a 27% of immigrant population at this time.
  7. Brossard, Quebec
    This is the commercial Hub of montreal and has an unemployment rate of 5.3% and a 36% population of immigrants.
  8. Waterloo, Ontario
    This is the center of Technology and Innovation which has an estimated unemployment rate of 5.2% and a population of 25% immigrants.
  9. Gatineau, Quebec
    This is opposite to Ottawa and has an unemployment rate of estimated 5.5% and a 9% immigrant population.
  10. Ottawa, Ontario
    This is considered the hear of Canada’s life. This has unemployment rate of estimated 6.6% and a 20% immigrant population.


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