Employment Pass Singapore

Tips on Obtaining an Employment Pass in Singapore

The Singapore government has recently made some changes to their policies regarding acquiring work passes. Now, it is relatively difficult to get work passes, which means that there is a need of clever approach by business people in order to get stamped, sanctioned and ready to go!

Here are a few tips that can help you get a work permit/ work Visa for Singapore.

  • Degree

Let’s start at the beginning. A graduation degree is almost a must in all of the procedures. Being educated and dressed to the nines leaves a powerful impact on anyone.

  • Work experience

After the education, comes the experience part. Yes, it is right that “For experience you  need a job and for a job you need experience”, but some part of it is correct. An experience makes up for a powerful profile in terms of reliability and knowledge. It makes getting the work pass easier.

  • References

Having an experience is good. Having relative references is great! This boosts your resume and puts you on the top of the class.

  • Nationality

As defined by the guidelines of ICA, it is relatively easier for you to acquire a Singapore EP Pass for people from the tier one countries.

  • Know your stuff

We are talking job stuff. Addressing the personnel by the right designation (including yourself), knowing the right salary amount, quotas, the structure of the company, Knowing the Niche industries, recommendations, profile, any appeals – all of it. You need to be fully prepared on these fronts before getting a Visa and moving to Singapore for work.

  • Knowing what is the right kind of work pass for you

While acquiring a letter of consent or a Business Visa are easier, the most popular work passes are the EPs and the PEPs.

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So now that you know this stuff, it is time to prepare yourself and rush to a consultancy to get ahead in the race. Permits and Visas will guide you in obtaining an Employment Pass in Singapore. We have Immigration Experts who are up to date when it comes to Singapore Immigration rules and regulations. Call us and get a free visa consultation. Dial +971 4 553 8913 today.