Migration to Australia is the best decisions you will ever make but have you started considering the costs of your visa, an immigration consultant and the actual move.


The immigration process considering everything from Australia’s visa fees to the cost of moving such as a guideline should be verified and discussed with immigration agent as every case is different with different requirements and certainly the exchange rate could affect the price as well.

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There are so many and variety of things that we wish we had known before moving to Australia. Some most important are:

  1. Moving to Australia is not cheap – bring as much $€’s as you can as it can be hard to find a job. You have to find accommodation before arrival.
  2. Using a Professional Immigration Consultant

Make sure you hired a professional immigration consultant making them well worth their fee! Immigration Consultants must be educated in the different laws and regulations revolving around the immigration process they are well-equipped to assist prospective immigrants

English Skill Test

Speak to your immigration consultant about where to take your English Language Skills Test. There are a number of test centers around the country.

Where in Australia?

Australia is huge, it’s the largest island in the world and distance between towns can be hundreds of Kilometers, for example Sydney to Melbourne is a 10 hour .The most popular destinations  are Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – the three biggest cities in Australia.

Working in Australia

The Australian job market has performed well, even through recent global economic down turns. Australia has a huge landmass and rich in  natural resources which helps the economy through continue mineral and material sales to developing economies like China and India.

Health Care in Australia

Having  both in public and private hospitals Australia has a little complex healthcare system, and medical practitioners and literally many of insurance schemes set up to fund them.


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