The New Canadian Express Entry Skilled Visa

The New Canadian Express Entry Skilled Visa

Now you can migrate, work and even live in Canada without any hassles by applying for the new Express Entry Skilled Worker Visa.

You will first be assessed only if you meet the point’s criteria for any of the program mentioned below:

Here, basically 67 points will be considered depending upon your age, education, your knowledge in terms of English and lastly your work experience. If you meet the required points, you will then be eligible for submitting the entry profile which may be accepted in a short span of time, further from which you will be selected by the Canadian Immigration and Employer.

Migrating to Canada via Skill migration is a very simple and hassle free process to go for. Which makes its more excited isn’t so?

  • The Good news is: ALL Skilled Occupations are Eligible:

All the applicants who are eligible according to the National Occupation Classification list are counted as the eligible ones to apply under the New Express Entry EOI system. You will be glad to know that we are here to provide you an instant Express Entry Profile and would register you directly with the Canadian Job bank and will refer you with the employers we have our contacts with. Plus, a number of our clients have already been selected by the topmost Canadian with employers here in Canada with an extraordinary pay scale.

2) Your Education Credential Assessment:

The next step after your profile has been created is the ECA or Education Credential Assessment as we call it. Here, your ECA application will be submitted by us for the verification of your education background along with the qualifications. This process is one of the fastest step and your case will then be transferred to the next step within a matter of weeks.

3) EOI Selection: Oh Got Hired!

Remember, higher number of your score level will make your profile more attractive. As mentioned above these points will be evaluated on the bases of your age, experience, your occupation and your ability in terms of English language. You may also earn other points in case you have any close relatives or you have gone through any educational program in Canada. You would also score around 600 points if an employer selects you profile based on skills and other which will be added up into your profile automatically.

Within the time span of 6 months you will be eligible to apply for the federal application or even the provincial application in order to get the permanent residency in Canada, once your EOI is selected.

4) Last but Not the Least: Immigration Application

Lastly, the submission of the immigration documents and application to Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Center will be done. This process under the Express Entry will be completed in about 6 months and till then all you can do is sit back relaxing and plan your migration to Canada.

And we assure you with the 100% acceptance if you get registered with us today!!