The 5 Best jobs and occupations in canada

The 5 Best Jobs in Canada

It’s no easy deal to find an ideal job. Contrary to popular opinion, a good job is not just about the salary. There are other metrics to consider. However due to the solid economy, political stability, immigrant friendly people and more in Canada, it has become a place where immigrants from around the world would love to work.

There are plenty of jobs in telecoms, healthcare, construction, public administration, law, trade etc., that’s to just mention a few. However, these jobs require that you have advanced education or serious experience and skills since the Canadian work environment is particularly a specialized one. Below are a list of the 5 best jobs you can find in Canada based on qualifications, job security, employment prospects and of course, the salaries.

  1. Economic Development Director

This position has experienced a salary grown of over 10% in recent times with a median salary of about $105,000. This position requires that you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Business Administration or Public Administration and of course, a few years’ experience. A masters’ degree is also an added advantage for those who are looking for economic development director jobs in Canada from Dubai.

  1. Petroleum and Chemical Engineer

A petroleum and Chemical Engineer is saddled with the task of extraction and exploration of oil and gas deposits. They earn a median salary of $104,998. This position has also witnessed a salary growth of about 16% in the last 6 years so we can say it’s a pretty lucrative industry. There are currently several job vacancies in Canada for Petroleum and Chemical Engineers that you can take advantage of if you have the right skills.

  1. Telecommunications Manager

You need a university degree in Science or electrical Engineering and a few years’ experience to be considered for this role. You can earn up to $110,000 yearly. You are expected to have a vast knowledge of the operations, maintenance and technical aspects that pertain to telecoms. This is one industry that continues to experience growth and more growth is underway due to new services that focus on wireless capabilities.

  1. Lawyer

Whether you are a student who currently working on articles or you are an attorney, Canada holds opportunities for you to practice and earn good salary. You must however have gone through the Law School, must have a Bachelors degree and must have passed all tests required. You also need to pass the bar after the law school in the province you wish to practice. You can earn a median salary of $88,000.

  1. Nurse Practitioner

One of the most important positions you can work in the health care industry is the Nurse’s. This also includes midwives and physicians. This is however a demanding position as it requires you to work up to 24 hours a day. You will be attending to patients, order tests and work with physicians to provide adequate treatment to patients. Therefore, you must have completed your education and must go through a nursing program that is supervised to be given a license to practice. Nurses go home with a median salary of $87,115.


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