The 5 Best Jobs in Canada

The 5 Best Jobs in Canada
It’s no easy deal to find an ideal job. Contrary to popular opinion, a good job is not just about the salary. There are other metrics to consider. However due to the solid economy, political stability, immigrant friendly people and more in Canada, it has become a place where […]

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10 Reasons to Immigration to Canada

10 Reasons to Immigration to Canada
There is no doubt; Canada is one of the most desired nations of the world when it comes to Immigration. It is therefore no wonder that about 300,000 new immigrants are welcomed into Canada yearly. You probably are wondering, Why Canada?
According to John McCallum, the Canadian Immigration Minister, “Immigrants of […]

IT Professionals High Demand for Immigration to Canada

IT Professionals High Demand for Immigration to Canada
Are you seeking job opportunities in Canada? June marks the launch of the new Canadian Government’s improved innovation strategy which is designed to help expedite immigration processes for skilled workers from other countries who wish to join fast-growing tech firms.
Although specific details have not been announced but it […]