studying in Australia

Studying in Australia

This blog provides information for students who wish to, or are considering to study in Australia. According to the type of study you plan to commence, there are a variety of Australian Student Visas you can apply for.

Higher Education

Students may be eligible for the Higher Education Sector Visa (subclass 573) or Postgraduate Research Sector Visa (subclass 574), if they wish to pursue their studies at a university in Australia or at the tertiary level. But if the objective of the student is to pursue study at non-award foundation courses or other aspects of a certain course (apart from the English Language Courses for Overseas Students) then the Non-Award Sector visa (subclass 575) would best suit the students need.
Students who wish to come to Australia to pursue the English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS); then they have the option of the Independent ELICOS Sector visa (subclass 570) Australian Visa. Students, in few cases may also be able to package their studies on one visa subclass. The link shall provide more information on that aspect Course packaging.  Streamlined student visa processing is also available for students who apply for Australian Student visas via particular education providers. For those students who have finished their studies and intend to work temporarily in Australia, may kindly visit our Post-study work arrangements.

Primary and Secondary School

Those students who wish to enroll for primary or secondary schooling, or wish to participate in different school exchange programmes, may be suitable for the School Sector visa (subclass 571) Australian Student Visa. In order for the Parents/Guardians of an international student to stay with the student in the country; who is younger than 18 years of age; shall apply for the Student Guardian Visa (subclass 580).

Education, Sponsorship and Training for Study

International Students may also apply for the Vocational Education and Training Sector visa (subclass 572) if they are interested in Vocational Education and Training Courses that are available in Australia. Students may also be able to apply for the Training and Research visa (subclass 402), if they wish to take part in structured workplace training. Students participating in the arrangement where the Department of Foreign Affairs or the Department of Defence is sponsoring their Student Visa to study in Australia shall be eligible for the Foreign Affairs or Defense Sector visa (subclass 576).

Studying while Visiting

An amazing opportunity is available for visitors who would like to take a tour of Australia and also do some short-term course hand- in-hand. So if that’s your motto kindly visit the Visiting Australia, link for more information on Visitors visa to Australia.

Assessment Levels

To clearly understand the student visa process, Assessment levels are very important. Assessments can vary, depending upon the main course of your study and according to the country of your passport. For more clear information on assessment levels kindly visit our Student visa assessment levels page.

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More information for students

It is possible for the family members of an Australian Student Visa holder to stay with them in the country in few cases. If you wish to bring your family along kindly visit Bringing your family with your link and for much more information on Australian Student Visas. While you enter Australia, please make sure you visit our Can I bring it back? Guide; because as a student it is very significant to be sure of the items you carry along with you to Australia.

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