South Africa Retirement Visas

South Africa, also known as the Soul of Africa, is one of the best places anyone who wants to explore the beauty of Africa could be. With a blossoming economy, a welcoming people and breathtaking scenery, it is the perfect place for those who are seeking a getaway.

South Africa Retirement Permits and Visas gives the access to citizens of foreign nationals to migrate, settle down, retire or even work in South Africa.

The South Africa Visa requirements for this type of visa is basically a proof of the following:

  • That you are a foreign citizen with a foreign monthly income or pension of at least 20,000 South African Rand which is equivalent to $1750; or a total net-worth that adds up to R20,000 or $1750 per month. A bank statement of the last 6 months showing this amount of income must be presented together with the visa application
  • A sign of intention or desire to retire temporarily or permanently in South Africa.

These two requirements are very important as one without the other disqualifies your South Africa Visa application. South Africa visas are not very hard to obtain as long as you stick to the rules. It is even easier if you are migrating from a non-African country as you are seen as a viable asset to the economy.

South African visa applications are to be submitted to the South African embassy in your home country. The consulate will confirm all documents and check for errors. After all documents are confirmed, permits and visas will be issued to the applicant who is also expected to abide by the rules and laws of the country.

Retirement Permit Visa South Africa

South Africa Retirement visa for visit or entry to the world’s one of the leading international financial centers, Immigration & Customs policy of South Africa for Business and visit

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