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Africa is on the world’s radar for development with most of its countries showing signs of improvement. Investors are looking for fallow grounds to till and Africa is the focus with many throwing in their billions. It is believed that most African countries will rise from developing or underdeveloped to developed nations in no distant time.

South Africa is the soul of Africa, being the first point of call in Africa for investors, workers and retirees. The cultural diversity in South Africa is particularly intriguing and the warmth and reception of its people and government is something any human will find hard to resist.

If you are one of those eyeing South Africa, whether for business or pleasure, you are welcome to fill out a South Africa visa application. With the recent development in South Africa, the government has made immigration policies a lot less hard for the migrant. Just like every country, there are requirements for permits and visas but these are just checks and balances to prevent overpopulation.

South African visas are of two major categories and a migrant is expected to choose one that best applies to them:

  • The Temporary Residence Permits
  • The Permanent Residence Permits; which may eventually lead to Naturalization.

Other types of visas includes the South African Retirement Visas, which is for those who want to live in South Africa seasonally, with the holder spending part of the year in South Africa and other part in their home country.

The requirements for obtaining a South African visa is pretty much proof that you have enough funds to take care of yourself while in the country.

South African Retirement Visas

South African Retirement Visas permit allows those wishing to immigrate to South Africa to Retire and settle in the country on a temporary or permanent basis.


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