Skilled Worker Program For Quebec

Skilled Worker Program For Quebec

Quebec uses a point based immigration system and it is specifically designed for applicants who are willing to settle down in Quebec and establish themselves economically in the province.

The Quebec Skilled Worker program for professionals is for those who want to reside in Montreal or other cities of the Quebec province. Such people are picked based on set criteria which are different from the set used to select those who want to settle elsewhere in Canada. Any applicant who applies for the Quebec Skilled worker visa can qualify as long as they have a validated job offer in the Quebec province or have accumulated enough points on the Quebec selection grid.

The maximum number of applications that the Quebec Government have decided to apply under the Skilled worker category has been set at 6,500. In order to qualify for a Quebec certificate under this category, applicants must have scored at least 49 points based on the selection factors used. All applicants with spouses or common-law partners must have at least 57 points to qualify.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program uses a point based system where applicants are awarded points based on experience, age, language proficiency and education. There are also other factors such as prior visit to Quebec to a family member and common-law partners and whether the applicant has a job offer in Quebec. As long as the applicant has the minimum required points from these factors, they can be placed in the system. It should be noted that a job offer is not required under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.


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