AUSTRALIA Skilled Sponsored Visa

Skilled Sponsored Visa For Australia

To be able to apply and obtain an Australian Skilled Sponsored Visa, you will be needing to be working with an occupation in the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List of Australia. If you profession is on the list then you will need to reach the points required by the immigration based on your qualifications such as your age and work experiences as well as your English proficiency and education.

What are the benefits of Skilled Sponsored Visa for Australia?

  • You will be able to stay in Australia with your family temporarily
  • You can also enroll in a University or college or any School and study in Australia
  • You can also be eligible for a Permanent Residency that can lead you to Australian Citizenship

What are the Things Applicants Must Know About This Visa?

This Skilled Sponsored Visa for Australia is a temporary Visa which is valid for 4 years. You can live and work in any part of Australia such as Victoria, Tasmania, South of Australia as well as areas like New South Wales and the Western.

Can you Study in Australia while on this Visa?

Yes, you can and then after living in Australia you can also apply for an Australian permanent residency which may lead to Australian citizenship.

​What are the Requirements for Australian Skilled Visa?

Permits and Visas will be needing to assess you on your eligibility for the visa. We will be submitting your skills assessment to the Case Managers for Australia. You might be confused on this stage as this will be a bit complex but we have a team of Immigration Experts who are specialists for Australian Immigration who will ensure you that you will not need to worry and make sure the transactions are hassle free.

For the IELTS examination, it depends on your score, but as part of your assessment we advise you to take the IELTS exam as it is considered as part of the requirements for Skilled Migration Visas.

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