Skilled Migrant Visa for New Zealand.

Skilled Migrant Visa for New Zealand.

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa

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New Zealand is one of the most sought after destinations in the world for migrants in the past years and it is continuing to grow as the countries economy is progressing in the next coming years.

Skilled Migrant Visas allows holder to migrate to New Zealand and live there. You can apply for a permanent residency in the future and you can work in the public and private sectors in New Zealand.

How can you obtain the permit to migrate using a skilled visa?

New Zealand requires every applicants to show that their profession is in the list of occupations under their skilled workers list and are in the workforce shortage list. It is a point base system and you will be starting by listing your professional skills. Next would be whether you will qualify as a skilled professional in your occupation.

You will only be able to acquire points if you have recognized work experiences in your area of expertise and is in the list of skilled workforce shortage. You education will be the next to be assessed for qualifications by the NZQA. If your educational achievements are recognized by NZQA and your work experience is related to your education, you will then be able to submit your Expression of Interest of the EOI in the New Zealand under Skilled Migrant Visa Category.

New Zealand will the approve and send you an invitation to apply for a visa in their country. If you are not sure yet where to go and live and begin in New Zealand, Permits and Visas can help you with that and if everything went well, you will be able to apply for a permanent residence in the future.

Call Permits and Visas today and start achieving your dream job in your dream country – New Zealand.Talk to one of our Immigration Experts today and let us help and guide you all the way from filling out the application forms correctly and submitting them with the complete requirements.

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