Six Keys to Expat Success in Australia

Six Keys to Expat Success in Australia

If you are currently planning to Migrate to Australia from UAE, it is essential you saddle yourself with the right information that will guarantee your success when you get to Australia. It is not really out of place to wonder what it would be like when you get there and how much it will be different from your life here in the UAE. This is normal. According to a UK based news resource, The Daily Telegraph, 1,000 Australian respondents were interviewed on what they think of British Expats and the traits they will love to see in new migrants moving over to Australia. Some good advice came up which we believe will be of good use to Dubai and UAE citizens even though it was intended for the Brits.

Hard Work

66% of the Australians interviewed believed that hard work is very essential if any expat will be successful. Among respondents that are over 55 years of age, this figure rose to 80% which is to show the importance of hard work. Australians are not lazy people, they wear their jobs like badges of honor and those who must succeed in their terrain must also be hard working. So you may ask, How “hard” is working hard anyways? According to InterNations Expat Insider Survey of last year, Australia happens to be the 10th best country in the world to enjoy work/life balance and the country also has the seventh shortest week which is not bad at all.


It is one thing to secure your visa to Australia to Dubai, it is another to be successful there and one of the things needed is tolerance. According to the Aussies, the next most important traits desired in Expats is tolerance. This is attested to by two-fifths of the respondents.

Respect for the Environment

Another very important factor you should carry along as an expat if you are to be welcomed in Australia is the respect for the environment. 40% of Australians said that expats must carry and display their green credentials. According to Ms Wild, nature and wildlife is very precious and there must be a visible effort to protect it.

Making Friends and Feeling Welcome

When it comes to making friends, one-third of Australians asserted that expats should be sociable. Australians are family orientated so much that most of them find it hard to watch a football match without company. Weekends for Australians is more of barbeques in the garden or chilling with friends in the beach or parks. According to the InterNations survey, Australia is placed 31st in the world when it comes to making friends.

Sense of Humour

Three out of every ten Aussies made it clear that expats need to have a good sense of humour. If you are not used to this, you might need to go find some. Actually, according to Barbara Adam who is an Australian currently living in Vietnam, the key to this is to not take yourself too seriously.

Appreciate the Good Life

Out of the many reasons why Australians believe their country is a place to be, the top 5 reasons are the climate, the people, the outdoor way of life, the standard of living and of course, the beautiful landscape.

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