Singapore Passes and Permits
Singapore Work Passes and Permits

Singapore, also known by the names the lion city, the red dot and the garden city is a global commercial and a transportation hub. Conducting Business ventures is very easy in Singapore alongside with the plethora of business opportunities. Thousands of foreign professionals from overseas take this opportunity and enhance their profile by working with some prestigious firms here in Singapore. A single most important requirement for a foreign professional to work is to have a valid ( Commonly referred to as a work visa). The most essential thing to understand here is to work in a foreign country one must have a valid working visa. In Singapore, your per annum salary will determine whether you are able to apply for Singapore work permit or employment permit. Employment permit is for the professionals earning more than $2.800 a month, work permits are issued to the people earning less than this amount.

Below is the list of various permits or visas that will help you sustain and flourish in several jobs in Singapore including Business, all depending upon your pay scale:

For Professionals


  1. Singapore Employment Pass

A valid employment pass allows foreign professionals, managers and executives from various domains to work or open opportunities for others to work through proper business channels. Minimum pay scale for this is $3.300 a month alongside having acceptable qualifications.

  1. Singapore Entry Pass

If a foreigner wishes to open his own Business venture in Singapore, he could with a special type of Singapore work pass known as EntrePass.

  1. Singapore Personalized Employment Pass

The PEP is issued to high profile experienced Employment pass holders as well as the expert foreign professionals being called especially to undertake a prestigious job responsibility. It provides much greater flexibility to an individual than a simple Singapore Employment Pass.

For Skilled and Semi-Skilled Workers


  1. S Pass
  2. Work permit for a foreign worker
  3. Work permit for foreign domestic worker
  4. Work permit for confinement nanny
  5. Work permit for performing artists

For Trainees and Students


  1. Training employment Pass
  2. Work Holiday Programme
  3. Training Work Permit

For Family Members


  1. Dependents Pass
  2. Long Term Visit Pass
  3. Letter of Consent

For Exemptions and working while on a visit pass


  1. Miscellaneous Work Pass
  2. Work Pass Exempt Activities
  3. Work pass Exemption for foreign countries
  4. Work passes for holders of Long-Term Visit Passes issued by ICA.

These various country issued Singapore work permit or Singapore work pass is essential for sustaining any kind of life in Singapore, you might be pursuing an internship or a training of some kind or you are a veteran wishing to do any kind of job top live a normal life, you must have a valid working pass or permit. Foreigners essentially need this otherwise they will be deported and may be prohibited from entering Singapore for a significant amount of time.

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