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Singapore boasts as a country with one of the highest expatriate population per square mile and this is just an indication of how rich the economy is. Sitting at the far eastern belt, Singapore today is one of the celebrated economies of the world. Immigrants in their thousands submit Singapore Visa application yearly for Singapore work visas. The country has become an ideal hub for professionals because the economy in itself cannot consume what it has created. With over 6 million expatriates and counting, this country stands in a strategic position, one that all other countries of the world are looking to get to.

To get Singapore visas to work, you will need a job offer. A job offer qualifies you for a visa. Without a job offer, you are automatically ineligible to apply. The good thing is, there are jobs everywhere in Singapore waiting for people to do them. It is only a matter of choosing the one which pays best. Jobs that pay better gives employment permits and visas with lower restrictions while those with lower salaries come with higher restrictions.

The job offers guarantees a temporary residence permits after other Singapore visa requirements are met. All temporary residence permits are qualified for a permanent residence permit and eventually a citizenship card.

So it all starts with finding a job. If you need help, we will be glad to help you secure a job and your Singapore visa. We have a team of experts in Immigration and Visas to Singapore who will be there to guide you through the whole application process.


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