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The Republic of Singapore is one of the highly developed urban centers in the world. It is a modern city-state, an Island country that is found in South-East Asia. It is very close to the tip of Malay Peninsula and it boasts of great commerce. Singapore claims the 4th biggest financial center title in the world. This can be attributed to its busy ports. It possess one of the 5 busiest ports in the world with goods moving in and out every day, all year round. The mainstay of Singapore economy is trading. It has some of the best technology when it comes to manufacturing. As a matter of fact, 26% of the Gross Domestic Product comes from the Manufacturing sector. Singapore is also ranked high in education, healthcare, economic competitiveness and transparency in government.

Fantastic lifestyles, low incomes and low taxes are some of the things that draws prospective investors and immigrants into Singapore. Singapore citizens also live large and they enjoy a very good educational system. The public and private sectors are doing fantastic which has helped to reduce the unemployment rates to almost zero.

The immigration system in Singapore is very liberal. There are various types of Singapore work visas and residence permits and visas for different people. Since many people come into Singapore to work, Singapore visas seems pretty easy to obtain for those who have the skillset that are desirable.

Singapore visa applications come with requirements. Such requirements are not so strict but they are important if your application is to be considered. Singapore visa requirements are designed to make sure only the qualified enter into Singapore.


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