Similarities Between Dubai and Canada

Similarities Between Dubai and Canada

Migrating to another country is not as easy as it sounds. There are so many things which should be done before you can officially call it your home.

Dubai citizens are interested in moving so they often search ‘ How to migrate to Canada on the internet ‘.  While getting a lot of information on the internet accurate, there are many things that are not even on the Internet.

Let us compare the similarities & differences between two great countries, Dubai and Canada. Dubai citizens have to know what to expect before they move to some foreign country. After comparing, you can go ahead & learn how to migrate to Canada.

Similarities between Dubai and Canada

  1. Clothing – Dubai is an Arab country but it has been greatly influenced by western style when it comes to clothing which means that you do not have to go & buy a whole new wardrobe if you move to Canada.
  2. Transportation – Transportation is also the same. It is modern & it can be easily accessed. Canada is a huge land and they have found means for their citizens to travel easily. Ferries are also available in case you need to go to any island.
  3. Education – The education systems in both of the countries are very good. Citizens have the freedom to choose if they want their children to go to a public school or a private school.
  4. Entertainment – In terms of entertainment, Canada has its fair share. Dubai is known to be the business capital of the state & there is no shortage of entertainment but you will also see that Canada will not be left behind either.

Differences between Dubai and Canada

  1. Government – Dubai has an absolute monarchy type of government while Canada is a democratic country. If you know the difference between these two types, you’re all set.
  2. Climate – You get to experience four seasons in Canada – winter, spring, summer & autumn. But Dubai is mostly hot & dry for the entire year. So, if you want to experience a different season, you will have to go to Canada. But keep in mind that moving to the northern part of the country may be a bit too drastic if you are used to the heat. Northern Canada has an extreme winter season so you have to consider carefully which state you want to settle in.
  3. Social status – Social status in Canada is not as important as it is in Dubai.

Now, knowing the similarities & the differences between 2 countries will help you a lot in your decision to move. If you want to migrate to Canada, you can apply for Canada Express Entry after getting a Canada Work Permit or a Canada Work Visa. Canada Visa Application process is lengthy and time-consuming, so you should be able to fulfill all the Canadian Visa Requirements.

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