Scam Warning


We at Permits and Visas will like to call the attention of our esteemed clients to a recent wave of scams that seem to be eating into the fabric of the immigration consultancy industry. It has come to our notice that there has been the emergence of various individuals and organizations who dupe customers by taking money from them with the promise of getting them appropriate visas into their countries of choice and eloping with such money at the end of it all. Apart from the fact that these malicious and duplicitous entities are sullying the good name and reputation that accredited organizations such as Permits and Visas have built over the years, they are also scamming people and causing them to lose thousands of dollars.

To this end, we will like to inform and plead with our clients to only trust immigration and employment agencies who only have the right and roper accreditations. These are companies that are legally recognized by the government and which are operating within the legal limits.Permits and Visas is one of such companies. We are bound by our word and a commitment that we have made with you and the government and as such, we are obligated to discharge or duties to the best of that ability. To wit, we will never collect money from you without carrying out our duties and we promise to never charge you for a service that we have not rendered. You can trust in or ability to work for you and all your fears can be ell alleviated. Our work is extremely transparent and we are held accountable for each and every client that we sign on.

At Permits and Visas, we are highly careful and we respect the rights of our clients to the highest degree. This s why we make sure that every work here is held accountable for every client that is put under him. We promise to give you full value for your money and to make sure that you are not disappointed at the end of the day. You can trust us; we won’t let you down.

So as a recap, we will like to once again implore our esteemed clients to exercise care and caution when signing on with immigration consultancy agencies. When you see one that might look alluring, make sure to ascertain that they have the proper accreditations and are fully licensed and registered. Your safety and that of your money is highly important. Be safe. Be careful.