Resident Permit Denmark

Residence Permit For Denmark Migration From UAE

An individual can apply for a Denmark Residence Permit whenever an individual wants to. When you are applying for a Residence and Work permit as an employee, for example you are applying under the Positive List, it is required for the employer and the applicant to give the complete information relevant to the residence permit in the application form.

There are different forms available for different residence permit schemes.

Job seekers who are applying under the Green Card Scheme is required to complete the application form. It is also required to complete the application forms for the residency permit for any of the family members accompanying the main applicant such as spouse and children.

Permit application must be submitted to the Danish Embassy or the Consulate in the applicants country. If you are already residing in Denmark, legally, the application must be submitted to the centres of Immigration Services in Copenhagen or the local police who will forward your application to the Immigration Service.

Once your application has been processed, the Denmark Immigration Service will make its process and rulings. This will be sent to the Embassy or the Consulate for applicants who are outside the country. Applicants who are within the country, the ruling will be sent to the home address or attorney.


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