Quebec Skilled Worker Applications from June 2016

A new skilled worker program has just been launched by the Quebec Minister for Immigration and this program is expected to start from June 13th 2016. From this date, more than 5,000 Canada visa application will be approved and an overall allotment with 10,000 under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Application Dates:

  • Online applications will be received starting from 29th of February 2016 and this will undergo some technical support.
  • From the 13th of June to 20th of June 2016, this is the First Reception Period – The period is dedicated to aspirants who have applied for the Canada visa online will be able to submit their applications to the Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ) and will need to pay the required fee for the application. Most likely, applicants will be accepted on first-come-first-serve basis. A maximum of 5000 applications will be accepted within this period stated.
  • Then from the 20th of June – 31st of March 2017 – This is the Second Reception Period and will be confirmed by MIDI. The same procedure above will be repeated for a new set of applicants who have registered on the online portal. Their applications will be submitted to the CSQ, as they pay the required fee.

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Applicants must submit their application forms to QWSP within the dates mentioned above. Those who already have work permits are not involved in this program.


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