Permanent Residency Through Canadian FSW

Permanent Residency Through Canadian FSW

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program is a point based immigration system which gives permanent residency to Canada. The Federal Skilled Worker visa enables skilled workers to migrate to Canada to work, study and live in Canada on a permanent residency basis and eventually apply for Canadian Citizenship (Canadian Passport). The FSW allows a person to live work and study in Canada.

PR via FSW also allows migrants to access social security benefits as well as Healthcare benefits and subsidized education. This Permit is specifically intended for skilled workers to contribute to Canadian economy and fill the skill shortage. As the Federal Skilled Visa is assessed through a shortage occupation list you also have a better chance to acquire a job in Canada fairly quickly. The biggest benefit for a Canadian Skilled worker is that you will not require a sponsor to offer you a job instead you will be granted with an independent work permit considering you hit the required points threshold in the point based system.

Applicants under this category get a 5 year Permanent Residency in Canada which can lead to qualifying for a Canadian passport. This is a point based application. To qualify under this category the applicant needs to score 67/100 and have at least 1 year of work experience in one of the following work profiles


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